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I would highly recommend these target holders. I've put over 1000 rounds through just one and it still holds the pigeons like it was new. This is a really great invention for people looking to shoot lots of bullets and not want to replace those pesky paper targets. I'm a forever customer. Thank you Steve for this amazing product.
~ Tyler C.

I have several of the targets which were purchased a number of years ago. †These targets have survived thousands of pellet, rifle,pistol and even shotgun rounds, and they still function although some are significantly challenged. †I have tested these and they have passed with colors and exceeded expectation.
~ John

We often shoot empty bottles & cans in our personal range, so imagine my delight when these were brought out for an NRA Women on Target event I was teaching at last weekend. These will be the perfect/fun addition to our range. Love them!
~ Janette Sequino

From talking to you at the gun show and seeing your product, I believe not only your product is great buy but there is going to be a huge need and want for it! 

We, at Nick's Tactical, love to shoot and this target system that you have made is great!!!!  We started shooting clays a long time ago and seeing this and buying one this weekend has made breaking them up that much more enjoyable!!!!

~ The Guys at Nicks Tactical

We have found a great carrier system that will hold 9 clays and mount to our carrier system so you can use our control systems to put them at your desired distance!
~ GA Firing Line

I really enjoy your targets, they are a lot of fun at 100 yards.
~ Todd

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